Have A Food Truck Business? Stay On The Go With These Items On Hand

Stopping and going all day, sitting at an idle for long periods, lots of mileage–you really do put your food truck through a lot within a one day period. At the end of the day, your commercial business property is also a vehicle, which means maintaining it and having what you need on hand can help you avoid disasters, breakdowns, and negative impact on your business runs. To make sure your commercial truck is good to go and you are capable of handling an automotive emergency, there are a list of items you should have on hand in the storage area of your food truck.

Antifreeze - Through the winter it is always a good idea to keep a gallon of antifreeze on hand in your food truck. Running a motor in frosty temperatures without antifreeze and with water can cause a lot of damage, so if you have a sudden leak, you will not have the option of replacing the fluids with water.

Distilled Water - Keeping the engine cool in the summer can be a challenge if your vehicle sits at an idle for long periods, which means you will often use more water to keep things chilled. Grab a gallon of distilled water and keep it on hand so you can refill the water reservoir as needed to prevent overheating. 

Quart of Oil - Running an engine without enough oil is extremely hard on the motor. Keep a quart or two of oil on hand just in case something happens and you realize you have an oil leak or your engine is low on oil. 

Battery Booster - In the coldest months of the year, a dead battery on your food truck can be a real issue. Make sure you keep a portable battery booster on hand if your battery dies after a stint of serving customers. These boosters can be charged up and ready to go with just enough juice to give your battery a jump start on the fly. 

Oil Pan - You have to be mindful of other people's property, so the last thing you want to do is leave an ugly oil stain on concrete if your food truck's engine starts leaking while you are serving customers. To combat this problem, buy an inexpensive oil pan and keep it slid under the seat in the cab and you will always be prepared for a sudden fluid leak. 

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