2 Things That Can Cause Your Car To Stall When Idling

Have you been dealing with a car that doesn’t like to stay running when it’s idling? If so, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. Here, you’ll find a shortlist of things that could be contributing to the stalling issues that you’ve been experiencing. Fuel Problem One of the more common causes of cars failing to idle without stalling is a problem with the fuel that you’ve put in it.

How To Spot Trouble With Your Vehicle's Transmission

One important thing that you will want to make sure that you know about vehicles is the need for transmission repair. You will want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that may very well indicate that there is a need for your vehicle to go into the auto transmission repair shop. The sooner you are able to spot such troubles with your vehicle, the sooner you can get it off of the road and into a repair shop.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Received Hail Damage

If your area recently had a hail storm and your vehicle sustained some damages from the hail, you need to learn what steps to take. Review the following suggestions and then get the help you need from your insurance agent and mechanic.  Take Pictures One of the very first things that you want to do is take a few pictures. If there are still chunks of hail on the ground around your car or even resting on the hood or windshield wipers, take a few shots of that evidence.

What To Do When Your Vehicle's Transmission Starts To Slip

If you have just recently started to notice that the transmission in your vehicle is starting to slip, you might start to worry. The worry you experience is not for no reason. Transmission troubles can be expensive, but others can be a lot more affordable than you might think. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of the things you should do when your transmission starts to slip.

Three Ways To Know It's Time To Change Your Brakes

Your brakes are perhaps the most important safety feature on your car. While airbags, crumple zones, seatbelts, and other systems are vitally important, your brakes help you to avoid accidents, in the first place. Unfortunately, many people wait too long to change their brakes. This is not only dangerous, but it can ultimately be costlier as well. Brake pads that are allowed to wear too far can damage your rotors, forcing you to replace both.

Is A Car With A Broken Window Dangerous To Drive?

Broken windows will happen. Whether it’s the result of an accident or some hooligan throwing a rock at you, at the end of the day, you’ll have to deal with a broken car window at some point in time. The question most car owners grapple with in such situations is how quickly do they need to act to fix a broken window. This question also leads to another more important question which is whether or not it’s safe to drive a car with a broken window.

When Good Injectors Go Bad

Although they are rarely the star of the show, your car’s fuel injectors are one of its most important components. When they begin to fail, the symptoms can be varied and sometimes subtle – at least at first. Fuel injection is present in all modern consumer cars and its benefits are undisputed. Unfortunately, your car’s fuel injectors, like any other component, have the potential to fail due to age, manufacturing defects, or even driver error.

About Lifting Your Truck

If you are someone who likes to go off-roading in your truck, or you just like the look of lifted trucks, this article will be helpful. Lifting your truck will be helpful when off-roading because it can help to improve your ground clearance, as well as the overall performance of your truck. When off-roading, you also have the added benefit of enjoying a better view of what lies ahead. If it’s looks you want, then lifting your truck will help you achieve an aggressive look for your truck.

Specialized Types Of Car Repair And What Is Typical Of Each

Most auto repair shops are pretty general when it comes to repairing cars and trucks. However, some may specialize in transmissions, while others specialize in tires and wheels. Still, there are even more specialized services that go beyond specific parts or areas of the vehicles. The following shows some of the really specific services provided by niche auto shops, like August European. If your personal or work vehicle falls within any of the following categories, it behooves you to have it fixed by that particularly skilled and specific auto repair shop.