Specialized Types Of Car Repair And What Is Typical Of Each

Most auto repair shops are pretty general when it comes to repairing cars and trucks. However, some may specialize in transmissions, while others specialize in tires and wheels. Still, there are even more specialized services that go beyond specific parts or areas of the vehicles. The following shows some of the really specific services provided by niche auto shops, like August European. If your personal or work vehicle falls within any of the following categories, it behooves you to have it fixed by that particularly skilled and specific auto repair shop.

​Expensive/Luxury Car Repair

Maybe the shop does BMW repairs or Mercedes repairs. Maybe they are really high-class and only work on Rolls Royces or Bentleys. They are licensed and certified by these luxury car companies, and their technicians have had extra training necessary to work on these expensive vehicles. The extra training and certification is necessary to avoid voiding warranties on these vehicles that often occurs when shops that are not certified or licensed to work on luxury cars make repair mistakes. 

Foreign Car Repair

​These shops and mechanics work entirely and only on foreign cars. That means that domestic vehicles, vehicles manufactured almost entirely within the United States, are off their list of vehicles on which they are willing to work. If you own a drive an Italian Fiat or a French Peugeot, this is the repair shop to take your vehicle to when it needs repairs. That goes for just about any other foreign-made vehicle as well, including German cars, English cars, Belgian cars, Spanish cars, etc.. 

​Expensive Sports Cars Shop

​This is different from the luxury car shop type, although the two types may be the same kind of shop if the owner wants. In this type of shop, the expensive sports cars range from a Lamborghini or Maserati to a Ferrari or Formula 1 racer. If it is built for speed, expensive, and otherwise known as a "muscle car," this type of shop wants to fix it. Like the luxury car and foreign car repair shops, they have obtained the licensing and certification from specific manufacturers to work on these cars. 

​Work Vehicles Shop

​This is a shop that works on just commercial vehicles. Got a taco truck with a wobbly axle? They fix that. Got a cherry picker truck or a backhoe that seems to have electrical problems or hydraulic cylinder issues? They fix that, too. If you can drive it and make it do something other than just roll down the road, this type of shop fixes it.