How To Patch Paint Chips

Over the years, you can waste a lot of money on auto body repair. Small dings and paint chips can be expensive to fix. Usually, the quicker you identify and fix the damaged spot, the cheaper and easier the repair will be. In fact, you can save a lot of money by doing some basic auto body touch-up work on your own. This article explains how to make simple repairs to small scratches and paint chips on a car.

Using Auto Body Filler

Auto body filler is a little difficult to work with. It usually comes with two separate components: the putty and the liquid hardener. You have to mix the hardner in with the putty right before you are ready to apply the patch. It can dry very quickly and become difficult to work with as it hardens, so you need to be prepared. It is a good idea to practice spreading the putty on a scrap piece of wood or metal so you can get familiar with the consistency and how long it takes to dry.

Prepping the Area

Before you apply your patch, you will need to do some basic preparation. Using auto-body sandpaper, which you can pick up at most auto stores, you want to lightly buff out the area that you are going to patch. The sandpaper will actually make the surface more rough, which is important because it enables the patch to stick to it better. If you try to patch directly on top of a glossy, shiny auto body, the patch will not stick. Wipe down the area with a wet rag to remove any dust before applying the patch.

Applying the Patch

Use a plastic putty knife when applying the patch. Also, wear latex gloves so you don't hurt your fingers. When you spread the patch, it will not be perfectly smooth as it dries. Don't worry and don't waste your time trying to smooth it out perfectly. Instead, let it dry completely and then sand it down to smooth it out. You might need to apply a second layer of patch after everything dries to fill in any cavities that formed.

The final step is to cover up the patched area with touch-up paint. You can find small touch-up paint cans that are perfect for covering small chips. They even have a small brush in the lid. For professional help with any auto repairs, contact a shop like Soundside Automotive.