How To Prepare For Driving In The Winter

Now that the winter season is approaching, it is time to think about what it means when you drive in the snow and ice. This type of weather is not only dangerous to drive in, but you also need to think about the condition of your car. Here are some tips for preparing for driving in the winter, and also making sure you have the right emergency supplies on hand.

Know How to De-Ice Door Locks

The first thing you should do is become familiar with the methods needed to de-ice your door locks and handles. Many people focus a lot on getting snow chains and paying attention to ice on their windows, but forget that the locks and handles can also get frozen. One good way to de-ice a door lock that is frozen is to put some hand sanitizer in the lock. This doesn't damage the lock, but the alcohol content in the sanitizer can help to melt the ice. You can also try using a lighter to heat up your car key, then try putting it into the lock to melt some of that ice.

Keep a Pair of Socks in Your Car

Spare socks are really important, and not just to warm up your feet when your own socks get damp from rain or snow. Socks can actually perform multiple purposes. For one thing, keeping a pair of stretchy wool socks that are a size or two too big for you can be placed over your shoes, which create more traction when walking on ice if you need to pull your car over. You can also keep socks around your windshield wiper blades when your car is parked outside and you want to prevent the blade from sticking to the windshield due to the snow and ice.

Prevent Frozen Windshield Wiper Blades

Speaking of windshield wiper blades, these are a common cause of frustration in the winter. You don't want to have to pull them if they are frozen to the window, as this increases the risk of a cracked windshield, and can also damage the blades themselves. If you can think ahead, try to remember to put some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth, then wipe it on the blades. This should help prevent them from freezing to the window.

Be Careful With the Windshield

With your windshield itself, make sure you only use an ice scraper to remove ice, and not other sharp objects. A lot of objects will scratch the glass, but ice scraper are effective and don't cause damage. Keep the windows clean as much as possible and get auto glass repairs before the worst part of winter. This helps prevent the chips from turning into larger holes, and of course keeps you from getting too cold inside the car as air is not getting through those little chips in the glass.