Buying A Used Dump Truck? Things You Need To Inspect Before You Buy

If you need to buy a used dump truck for your business, you know how important it is that you get one that is in great condition. Below are some things you should inspect before you make your purchase to ensure you end up with a truck that will work great for your business.


Even if the truck looks great, the body may not be in good condition. A good coat of paint can hide a lot of things. The main thing you should look at is what the dump truck is made of. Steel is one option and is generally a lower cost. It works well for daily usage of your dump truck.

If you are worried about the weight of your truck, aluminum is the lightest available. Having a lighter truck gives you better fuel economy as well as payload capacity. Aluminum is not recommended, however, if you use your dump truck for heavy duty vehicles or in harsh conditions, such as a lot of snow, ice, etc.

Once you determine if you want steel or aluminum, walk around the dump truck and look for any dents, rust, or cracks in the body. Ask the seller if any major repair work has been done on the dump truck body.

Frame, Axles, and Rails

Look closely at the truck frame rails for any type of bowing or sagging bends. If you see a bowing bend, this could mean the driver drove the truck with too much weight. A sagging bend generally means the truck was overloaded while in an upward position. Look for signs of wear, such as corrosion and rust, on the frame, axles, and rails.


Look inside the dump truck at the cab for the interior condition. Look at the seats to see if there are any rips, as well as the floor board. Look at the odometer and write down the mileage. Ask the seller to start up the dump truck so you can check the lights, signals, and gauges to ensure they all work properly.


Determine if the dump truck is an automatic or manual transmission. If you do not have much experience driving a dump truck, an automatic transmission would be your better choice. An automatic transmission allows you to get your work done quicker. A manual transmission is generally less expensive, however.

Hire a mechanic experienced working on dump trucks to come and look at the truck for you. They will know other things to look for to ensure it is in good condition.