Why Your Car Does Not Go Backyards

Driving a car that isn't able to move backwards is not a good idea, even if you have learned how to work around the problem. You must understand that the problem you are dealing with is a sign that your transmission is going out. By continuing to drive the vehicle around, you are possibly causing more damage to the transmission. It is wise to keep the problems to a minimum so you can avoid having to invest in replacing or rebuilding the transmission. This article will explain a few of the things that might possibly be wrong with your vehicle.

You Need to Get One of the Gears Repaired

The gear that is responsible for moving your vehicle backwards may have gone out. All you need to do is get the gear inspected by a mechanic to make an official diagnosis. If it is found that the gear is the problem, he or she might be able to make repairs and bring it back to a functional condition. However, it is possible that the gear is damaged beyond repair. The mechanic will have to install a new gear if it is severely damaged.

The Engine Isn't Sending Much Power to the Transmission

The engine does more than startup your vehicle, but it is also responsible for powering up the transmission. If the engine is the problem, it is possible that it isn't receiving enough transmission fluid. The fluid flows to the engine from the torque converter cylinder, but you might need more of it placed inside of your vehicle. Transmission fluid is what the engine uses to gain power. If the transmission fluid isn't the problem, you might need to get the engine repaired.

Your Transmission Is Too Worn Out to Function Properly

It is possible that your transmission is simply unable to power up all of the gears due to old age. It is normal for a vehicle to begin only being able to be driven forward when a transmission is going out. The gears will basically start going out one at a time until the vehicle is no longer able to move at all. Get your car inspected via a computer diagnostics test to verify that the transmission is the problem so you can avoid unnecessary repairs. If the transmission is going out, you can opt for buying a replacement that is used, new, or simply get the current one rebuilt. Talk to a professional mechanic like those at Jim Stephen's Foreign Car Repair for advice.