Diagnostics and Prescriptions for Your Auto: An Explanation of "X" as It Applies

In this world, the letter "x" can be used in so many ways to represent parts of words or in place of whole words entirely. When "x" is applied to auto services, it does cut down on the possibilities by quite a bit. In this case, "x" can serve in all of the following capacities with regards to auto services.


In the medical field, diagnostics may be represented by "x"-rays and the related equipment to diagnose a problem. The same holds true for auto repairs. Because of all the on-board computers and computer-operated or computer-driven equipment now installed in most vehicles, auto technicians and mechanics need to utilize diagnostic machines that directly connect to the computers in the engine to discover what is wrong with your car. This is akin to using an x-ray on the human body, and therefore the mechanic or technician could notate this as "x", although most would not.


Prescriptions for people are often annotated by pharmacists and doctors as "x." With regards to your car, the repairs that have been assessed after going through the diagnostics process also receive a "prescription;" they require "x" repairs in order to function. While it is not likely that your mechanic or auto technician will express these needed repairs as "x: belt replacement, 1x yearly, for the life of the car," he or she will still put the quote in writing, which is the same as a prescription.

Express Service

Additionally, "x" in the auto service world can stand for other abbreviations related to service. For example, express service is an auto service offered by some repair shops that makes your car repairs a priority. You pay "x"tra for this service, but it also speeds up your wait time to get your vehicle back. When filling out the work order, the technician or mechanic will ask you if you want "x"-press service, and then notate that on your work order with a big "X."

Extra Coats

If you are having body work done on your vehicle, and paint and clear coat sealant is required, your body technician may use "x" in his or her notations as well. Here, the "x" stands for "extra," as in "extra coat of paint" or "extra coat of clear coat sealant." While this is not a common notation, it is helpful to know what it stands for if you see it on the final bill.