Is This Your First Move?

Are you newlyweds moving to a new location? Perhaps you're a single person moving into a new apartment with just a few of your own belongings. Whatever the reason you're moving, if this is your first move, from organizing your things to renting a truck, here are some suggestions that might help.

Organize Carefully - Of course, if you simply have clothes to take with you as you move to a new location, the organization of those clothes should be pretty simple. There could be unknowns, though. For example, when you arrive at your destination there could be downpours of rain. Consider placing all of your clothes in weatherproof clothes bags, even the kind that you can possibly get from a dry cleaner business. Think about putting all of your warm weather clothes together and your cold weather clothes together. If you have other belongings, say wedding gifts or kitchen ware, consider placing like items in the same boxes. For example, place towels and bed linens in one moving box, as you will more than likely need them right away. Mark boxes carefully so that you'll know which boxes go into which rooms of your new home. Think of writing down where you put items that you may not be using for awhile. For example, if you have craft items, write down that you have put them in with any Christmas decorations you are taking with you.

Rent A Truck - Of course, if you already have a truck that you can use to make your first move, you've got it made. Or, it may be that all of your belongings fit into your car. However, if you have more things than will fit into an automobile, and if you don't have a truck, consider renting one. You'll more than likely be surprised at how affordable it is to do that. Of course, you'll have to have the right credentials in order to complete a rental agreement. The great part about renting a truck is that renting it from a nationwide service means that you can rent it in the place of your destination and then turn it in when you reach a new city. Find out what kind of insurance you should buy, if any, or if the truck rental services provide the insurance for you. And, be sure to keep the phone number of the rental company with you.