Inspecting And Replacing The Lights On Your Car Or Truck

There are many different things that need to be checked to keep your vehicle running and safe. The lamps or lights on your car may not be critical to the way the car drives, but a lamp inspection is a crucial part of keeping you and other drivers near you safe.

Headlight Inspections

The headlights are the most noticeable lamps on most vehicles, and if one of them goes out, it is easy for the driver to notice the difference relatively quickly. Changing a headlight that is not working and adjusting it properly is important so that the light is effective when it is in use. 

While the headlights help you see the road in front of you, they also allow drivers on the road to see you coming. If the lights are not working or are adjusted wrong, they can also make it more difficult for oncoming traffic to see the road and other obstacles on or along the road.

Vehicle Lamp Inspections

A full lamp inspection should include checking all the lights on the car, including the headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and all the marker lights on the vehicle. Some of the lights on your vehicle are extremely hard to see from inside the car, and lights like the brake lights require someone to press the brake pedal for the lamp to activate, so you may need some help to check those.

Requesting a lamp inspection when you take your car for service is a good idea. If you have the lights checked every three thousand miles or so, finding and replacing lamps that go out promptly is much more likely. The technician servicing your car can check all the lamps on the vehicle and have someone in the shop help them check brake lights and other bulbs that are hard to do alone. 

Updating Lights and Lamps

Using LED lamps instead of the standard bulbs in older cars can significantly increase the light's service life, and the LEDs are brighter, so often they are easier to see. It is still a good idea to have a lamp inspection done regularly to ensure the LEDs are working correctly. 

Replacing the lamps on your car with LEDs is often just like replacing the standard bulbs. Many light manufacturers are creating LED replacement lights that use the same traditional base as many of the most common automotive lights, so often upgrading requires you to remove the old one and plug in the new one. If you are not comfortable replacing the bulbs, you can have the tech doing the lamp inspection replace the bulbs for you.

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