3 Ways Wheel Alignment Services Save You Money

Wheel misalignments can occur due to simple reasons such as driving off-road or hitting holes and curbs. Some of the most common signs your car has a wheel misalignment include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while driving
  • The steering wheel is off-center 

Most people don't consider wheel misalignments as a significant issue. Hence, they often neglect wheel alignment services altogether. However, neglecting misaligned wheels can lead to more severe car troubles. For instance, misaligned wheels can damage your car's suspension and transmission. 

Thus, when you realize your car has misaligned wheels, you should seek wheel alignment services immediately. Besides, prompt wheel alignment services can save you money in several ways. 

Here are three significant ways wheel alignment services save you money. 

1. Extending Tire Life

A misaligned wheel tends to wear out its tire much faster than an aligned wheel. The accelerated tire wear occurs because a misalignment tilts the wheel at an angle. Thus, the edges of the tire incur more friction while driving, which results in the tire wearing out faster than usual. 

If you neglect misaligned wheels for a long time, they will wear out your tires prematurely, forcing you to buy a new set of tires frequently. 

But, if you schedule wheel alignment services regularly, you can prevent the premature wearing out of tires. Thus, wheel alignment services can save you money by extending the lifespan of your tires. 

2. Preventing Expensive Repairs

A wheel misalignment disrupts the weight distribution of a car, thus straining some of the components. For instance, when a wheel misaligns, it causes strain on the suspension system, drivetrain, and transmission. The prolonged stress on the above components can lead to them incurring damages. 

Thus, the longer you neglect or postpone a wheel alignment service, the higher the risk of damaging your car. If a wheel misalignment causes damage to the drivetrain, suspension, or transmission, you can expect the repairs to cost thousands of dollars. 

Regular wheel alignments can help prevent such a situation from occurring. A timely wheel alignment worth a hundred dollars or less can help you avoid repairs worth thousands of dollars in the future. 

3. Improving Fuel Economy

The wheel tilting caused by a wheel misalignment creates extra resistance to the road while driving. As a result, your engine must work harder to compensate for the extra resistance caused by the wheel misalignment. But, overworking an engine result in lower fuel economy. Thus, a wheel misalignment forces your car to use more fuel than usual. 

With the ever-rising cost of gas, wheel alignment services can help improve your fuel economy and subsequently save you money on fuel in the long run.