When Roadside Assistance May Be Necessary And Helpful

Roadside assistance can be beneficial if you break down on the road and need some help getting your vehicle going again. The scope of repairs roadside assistance offers can change with the service, but most services will offer general assistance services that could be enough to avoid towing your car. 

Basic Services

Roadside assistance can come from a towing company, a roadside club, or a mobile vehicle repair service, but the basic services they offer are typically pretty similar. If you are out of gas, have a flat tire, or need a jumpstart to get your car running, a roadside assistance service can help. 

While large repairs are often not possible from these service providers, roadside help can be enough to get your car running or driveable to get it off the road and to an auto repair shop for evaluation and repair. In many cases, this help could be as simple as installing a tire for someone missing a jack or lug wrench from their car and can not put on the spare they have with them. 

Other times the roadside assistance service may need to bring some gas to you if you underestimated your fuel mileage and ran out a little short of the gas station. There are limits to how much fuel they can provide or what repairs they can make, but if you need something basic, the service can often help you. 

Roadside Assistance Memberships

While many roadside assistance services are independent and will offer help to anyone than bill your credit card when the work is complete, there are organizations that operate within the United States and use a network of repair shops and tow companies to provide service from coast to coast. These groups use a membership model to determine what services you get based on the member level. 

Membership-driven roadside assistance often adds things like longer towing distances, help to find locations or services, and discounts on many things you need while on a road trip. Many people find having a network of providers comforting because the assistance service has someone available 24/7 to answer the phone and a tech or service person nearby to help. 

The cost of the service is often reasonable, and if you need help while on the road, the membership is beneficial. For many drivers, roadside assistance memberships are similar to insurance that you can use if you break down or need someone to jumpstart your car. People that spend a lot of time on the road, like salesmen or delivery drivers, are more likely to need this kind of service, and in many cases, the monthly premium is low enough to manage comfortably.

For more information on roadside assistance, contact a company near you.