Why Your Tire Keeps Leaking Air

You might notice that you often need to refill your tires with air. Tires will sometimes become flat, but it's not normal for your tires to lose air too quickly. Your tire might have a slow leak.

Reasons Why Your Tire Is Leaking

Tires eventually become too old and need to be replaced. Your tires might have worn out and now leak air despite there being no hole. Or you might have driven over a sharp object and punctured the tire. The valve stem you use to fill your tire might also be defective and leak air continuously. 

Cracked and Loose Valve Stems

If you check the valve stem, you might notice it's cracked. Old tires eventually develop cracked valve stems and slowly leak air until your tire is flat. Your tire might also have loose parts that rattle as you drive.

Fluctuating Temperatures

The ambient temperature affects the air pressure of your tires. Your tires will lose air more quickly if you live in a climate where temperatures fluctuate wildly. But if your tires become flat more often than usual, there is probably another problem. 

Overinflated Tires

You might fill up your tires frequently, making the problem worse. The air needs enough breathing space, and your tires must cool to reach the correct pressure.

What to Do When Your Tire Is Flat

Never drive on a flat tire if your tire is flat and you cannot fill it. You'll cause damage to the tire itself and might also ruin the wheel itself. Replace the tire with a spare if you have one. However, if you don't have a spare or want your tire repaired immediately, contact a mobile tire repair service.

Mobile Tire Repair Is Inexpensive

When hiring a mobile tire repair service, they can take payment online or by phone. The cost of a mobile tire repair is comparable to that of a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

What to Expect When the Technician Arrives

While waiting for the tire repair service to arrive, park in a nearby parking lot with a flat and level surface. If the tire service can fix your flat tire, they'll patch the hole, and you can be on your way.

If the tire is damaged beyond repair, they'll sell you a replacement and mount it immediately. You can select the tires you want, purchase them beforehand, and have the company mount them. They will then dispose of your old tire.

Contact a mobile tire repair service for more information.